Joost Cassee


Hi, I'm Joost.

With over 20 years of experience developing and maintaining scalable systems, I helped manage software projects and design for change.

I am one of the co-founders of Freightdog. Are you in logistics? We can probably make your email processing dramatically more efficient.

I worked with some great people at:

Some compliments for my work:

Mylène Printems
Joost and I work together on an innovative, politically complex program at Rijkswaterstaat, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. I know Joost as a calm, attentive and thoughtful personality, being able to listen, understand and work with multidisciplinary teams. Joost is interested in innovations and follows the trends development on the ICT market. His expertise in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment has been a key success factor to the program. I am really happy to have Joost in my team.
Rick Bleeker
Working with Joost is a pleasure. He always knowns to ask the right thought-provoking questions, and his suggestions are well substantiated. These qualities made Joost a great addition to our development team. I would not hesitate to ask him again for another project.
Manuel Rejen
Joost is a person with a creative mind and a wide area of interests. With his structured approach and impressive technical skillset he has helped our multi team organization to bring our delivery pipeline to the next level. He is also very pleasant to work with and the first one I would think about to hire again for other projects.
Dik van Roon
My relationship with Joost Cassee has benefited me and my projects beyond expectation. The process that Joost advised on helped transform development teams to become more self-organizing, cross-functional and autonomous. Joost is a product thinker with an innovative and Agile mind-set. He has incredible knowledge and uses this in a respectful way to team members and other stakeholders.
Nico Plat
Joost is amongst the best I have met in my field so far. He knows how to drill down to the essence of things in a non-presumptuous and knowledgeable way, while leaving enough room for argumentation. He has an open mind, and is respectful to other opinions.
Paul Boot
Few people know both software development and infrastructures like Joost. He is a systems thinker, innovative, without losing sight of the end goal.

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